Friday, 13 May 2011


Been a bit slow on the old blogging front recently. Life got in the way for a while. Asthma now being treated successfully so hopefully there will be no repeats of Dalby anytime soon and had a incident free race at Enduro6 - finally. I have had job interviews, assessment days, done 2 days as a receptionist and am now officially a Dr. It's been epic!

Had a week off the bike to recover mentally for more riding and am about to hit the hills again this afternoon. I did however spent a 12 hour stint on the other side of the race tape as pit crew for Chris and Simon at the UK and Euro 12 hour champs. It was soooo stressful and Joolze Dymond has some awesome photos of my High5 stall (sorry Joolze for not buying any - when I am gainfully employed again and we are not poor as church mice we will show you some photo purchase love). Neither of the boys had a brilliant race but I'm proud of them both for showing real team spirit, grit and determination.


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