Thursday, 19 April 2012

Last Sunday I did the thing you're not supposed to do - ride a new bike for the first time in a race. I had no issues at all - here's how I did it....

a) You will need - allen keys, tape measure and plumb-bob (or computer mouse as alternative).

b) Measure on old bike which has comfortable set-up:
1- Saddle to middle of BB.
2 - Distance between vertical drop from nose of saddle to centre of BB.
3 -  Nose of saddle to middle of bars. Done by letting string of plumb-bob hang under weight vertically down (as shown in second picture) and measuring horizontal distance between string and centre of BB.
4 - Top of stem to middle of front wheel.

 c) Replicate these measurements as closely as possible on the new bike by changing the seatpost height, saddle fore and aft position and stem position/length. (In my experience the saddle position relative to the bottom bracket is more important than you would think. I've felt like I'm pedalling a recumbant before when I've been sitting too far back.)

d) Change angle/position of controls to suit your hand size and preferences.

Now for the finishing touches:

Can't ride without a bottle cage - thanks Mt Zoom for this lovely Ti number

Kit for frame protection includes bar tape to wrap chain stays, IPA to wipe the frame clean before sticking biketape in vulnerable places.

Vulnerable places include cranks, bottom of frame, and areas where cables rest on the frame.

 Ready to go race.....

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